Dhelix-Q5 Isothermal Fluorescence PCR
Dhelix-Q5 Isothermal Fluorescence PCR

The constant temperature fluorescence detector integrates constant temperature PCR, real-time fluorescence detection, intelligent data interpretation and real-time data synchronization analysis to quickly and accurately amplify trace nucleic acids in the sample. The output is converted into a fluorescent signal readable by the device, and the threshold is analyzed according to the big data algorithm, and the result can be automatically interpreted, and the detection result is intuitive and accurate.

Dhelix-Q5 Isothermal Fluorescence PCR

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Q5 isothermal fluorescence PCR instrument integrates thermostatic PCR core technology, real-time fluorescent detection, intelligent data interpretation and real-time data synchronization analysis and other technical modules. Under the condition of constant temperature of 63°C provided by the instrument, the micronucleic acid in the sample is specifically amplified and combines with the fluorescent dye on the amplified fragment to generate a 520nm fluorescent detector under the excitation of 470nm light source. After the processing by a microprocessor, the amplification curve is drawn in real time and the positive result is automatically determined according to the threshold set.

FAST:It only needs 15 min to get positive results;


Sensitivity: detection limit of  1 copy/ml


Stable:Repeated experiment results are stable

Simpler, Faster and More Professional

Thermostatic PCR

Real-time fluorescent detection

Intelligent data interpretation

  •  It only needs 60 min to  get results
  • Open thermostatic fluorescent detection reagent

  • No need to calibrate after moving, available for on-site detection
  • Weighing only 4 kg, easy to carry

  • With simple operation steps, it’s easy to learn; 
  • intelligent data interpretation and real-time data synchronization analysis

Heating module & detection hole

Semiconductor heating module with the heating rate of 1°C/sec or more.

The module has good temperature uniformity, accuracy and temperature control accuracy.

16 test holes, compatible with conventional consumables, so it can do 16 tests at a time; 

 With a hot cover, creating a closed reaction space to effectively prevent aerosol pollution;

Interface & wireless function

 USB interface can be connected to U disk, thermal printer, scan code gun and other external devices;

print function, scan code to store sample code information

Wireless networking function for data upload and reporting

Intuitive results display


Interface for Amplification curve


Interface for Automatic result


Interface for Melting curve


The Q5 isothermal fluorescence PCR instrument can be applied in many fields, such as food safety, aquaculture diseases, pet infectious diseases, plant diseases, scientific research, etc., such as the detection of food safety biological factors in the food industry chain, detection of pathogenic microorganisms, identification of genetically modified raw materials, Identification of adulteration and adulteration; detection of aquaculture diseases, such as epidemiological monitoring, control of breeding risk factors, quarantine of origin, quarantine of seed, parental quarantine, etc .; detection of infectious diseases in pets, helping pet doctors to carry out more effectively and accurately The diagnosis and treatment of the disease saves testing time and cost; its advantages are fast, accurate, easy to operate, can be detected on-site, and suitable for grassroots personnel.

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