About Dhelix
About Dhelix

Located in Guangzhou International Biological Island, Guangzhou Double Helix Gene Technology Co., Ltd was founded by Food Safety and Nutrition Research Institute of Jinan University. With gene detection technology as the core, it focuses on the R&D, production and sales of testing equipment and supporting reagents, and is committed to providing customers with an overall service system for molecular detection. 


The company’s team adheres to the spirit of craftsmen and dedicates to product development, and has established the domestic leading production process and quality control system for molecular detection products. At present, it has launched more than 200 kinds of products such as detecting instrument and detection reagent, covering multiple application areas such as aquaculture disease detection, pathogenic microorganisms, species identification and transgenic detection.

Based on the product concept of “making detection simpler”, Double Helix Gene closely combines molecular detection technology with the characteristics of different application markets, such as the aquatic animal disease detection area, food safety detection area, pet infectious disease area and plant disease detection area to continuously develop and innovate simpler molecular detection products.